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Tools of Finflo

FINFLO is an in-house software application that can be used for the solution of compressible as well as incompressible flows. The code is based on a structured multiblock grid topology. Geometry modelling can be enhanced by a Chimera technique and discontinuous block interfaces. A multigrid technique is utilized for the acceleration of convergence. The code is parallelized using the MPI standard. Turbulence models range from k-e and k-w-SST models to full Reynolds stress closure.

Gridgen from Pointwise Inc. is a powerful preprocessor used for the generation of block-structured grids applied by FINFLO. Gridgen is distributed in Finland by CFD-Finland Ltd.

For postprocessing Fieldview (Intelligent Light) is utilized. Fieldview is also distributed by CFD Finland Oy. In addition Finflo Ltd. has developed a number of its own post-processing tools needed in CFD analyses.

Finflotools is a large package of several auxiliary programs developed by the company. These tools are applied during the pre- and post-processing phases, to follow the convergence, to setup boundary conditions etc.

All of Finflo's computers run under the Redhat Linux (or Fedora) operating system.


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